Kastoria, Greece






1000 sqft - 3000 sqft




$100K - 500K

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State Coffee Co. Kastoria

This project is a coffee store which is located in Kastoria, Greece nearby a picturesque lake. It belongs to an acknowledged Greek coffee chain stores, called State Coffee Co. The design and construction guidance were undertaken by the multidisciplinary team of Lab4 architects on September 2014. The project was completed on January 2015. The central designing concept is the creation of a warm in sense space, which combines the Branding Identity New York style materials (wall bricks, pavement stone bricks) with more industrial features (container corrugated panels, concrete textures). Following the firm's central branding phrase "Discovering the new coffee world", a wall synthesis which resembles to containers gives the sense of the arrival at the store of new espresso products. Italian signs and decorative forms prevail within the store representing all coffee products' origin. All of them are exhibited in a New York design atmosphere. These two "worlds" refer to espresso history which became worldwide famous by the Italian espresso bars in New York during the 50's. The interior space was formatted in such way so that it attracts customers to occupy firstly its interior seating area borders and gradually its facade and exterior area. In this direction of design, warmer materials and textures were selected in the interior deck space (wood, brick, warm graphics) while lighter ones were used nearby the store facade (concrete plaster, corian). Furthermore the concrete plaster floor is used in the greatest part of the interior and exterior space in combination, intensifies the "Take Away" sales policy of the firm, since it resembles to a street texture.