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S.P. Expo building

This building complex is situated nearby the National Road which connects Athens with Larissa. Larissa is a middle sized city which is located in central Greece. The main intention of the company was the creation of a new building-complex of contemporary industrial architecture style, which would express the powerful prospects and would be a powerful symbol for the firm. The central idea of the project was based on the designing of a contemporary industrial architecture style building, focusing on dynamic forms and curves, which would give a visual impression of movement rather than a static one. Inspired by the form of a ship, the project reflected the successful “travel” of the company through the years, expressing simultaneously the dynamic vision and strategy for its future. The complex consists of three (3) basic compartments, the exhibition hall (ground & basement), the office department and the service facility. The exhibition hall was strategically built along the National Road which makes the main elevation of the exhibition to be easily distinguishable and clearly visible. Moreover the plan form contributes to the whole building natural lighting during the day. The office department is located in the loft of the exhibition hall, easily accessible from the building entrance. Finally, the service facility is an independent section which is connected with the exhibition through an intermediate semi-outdoor space. The whole construction is a combination of materials such as concrete which was used in the building base, iron elements and panels painted on the colors of the brand as well as stainless steel elements.