Volos, Greece






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$50K - 100K

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State Coffee Co. Periferiakos

This project is a coffee store, located in Volos, Greece. It belongs to a highly distinctive Greek coffee stores firm and constitutes its 4th store in the city of Volos. It is situated nearby the ring road of the city and in its philosophy is to be mostly a take away coffee spot. The design and construction guidance were undertaken by the multidisciplinary team of Lab4 architects on January 2015. The main intention of the space design is to create a sense of hospitality for people who are seeking for a short break. The fact that the store is on the crossroad of a high density area is one of its greatest benefits. The big openings as well as the elevations design intend to attract the clients to come inside. The extrovert character of the store design is also evident in the use of transparent materials in the exterior space boundaries which do not prevent the optical connection of the store with its surroundings. The concrete plaster flour which is used in the greatest part of both the interior and exterior space in combination with "graphic street signals" intensifies the "take away" sales policy of the firm, since it resembles to a street texture. Warmer in color and texture materials (such as walnut wood and aged industrial brick) are used in the seating area attempting to create a sense of New York atmosphere and aesthetics.