About Lab4

Laboratory for Architects

Lab4 architects (laboratory for architects) is a team of architects, engineers and associates, established in 2013, targeting the field of architecture and design.

The team members are architects Georgios Gougoulakis, Harris Souliotis and civil engineers Thanos Galanis and Dimitris Souliotis as well as graphic designer - illustrator Bill Pappas.

Based on the members’ professional expertise and emphasizing in design and construction quality, Lab4 architects intent to offer an excellent result considering with functionality and high architectural aesthetics.

The Team

A bunch of creatives

We are an international multidisciplinary team which is consisted of engineers and design experts with long professional experience.
They are based in various cities such as Athens, Milan and New York.


Haris Souliotis

Harris Souliotis was born in 1985. He studied architecture at National Technical University of Athens (MSc, 2009). After completing his studies he introduced himself in the construction development, participating in significant projects in Greece and Cyprus. This enabled him to establish his own architectural office, undertaking a series of building as well as interior projects. In 2013 he founded Lab4 architects, giving emphasis in architecture, interior design and construction always targeting high design aesthetics and persistence on detail. Functionality and modern approach are his basic principles on design procedure. He has collaborated with various distinguished companies and private clients while having participated in plenty of architectural and design projects throughout Europe.


Georgios Gougoulakis

Giorgio Gougoulakis was born in 1985. He studied architecture at the National Technical University of Athens (MSc, 2008). After completing his studies, he established his personal architectural studio introducing himself in the architectural field. In 2010 he moved in Milan, where he did his specialization in Transportation & Automobile Design at Politecnico di Milano. By the end of the Master course he was transferred in Turin where he worked in the automotive field as a car designer. From 2012 (May) is Teaching Assistant at the Master in Transportation & Automobile Design of Politecnico di Milano. From 2015 (June) is also partner of the Lab4 architects.


Dr. Athanasios Galanis

Dr Athanasios T. Galanis was born in 1983. He holds a Diploma of Civil Engineering (BSc, MEng) from the University of Thessaly and a PhD from the University of Thessaly (2011). His scientific experience includes participation in various institutions and distinguished international organizations. His design and construction approach is focused on the analysis of every step based on his project management experience. Having a minimal modern design perception he has worked on various projects coordinating construction progress.


Dimitris Souliotis

Dimitris Souliotis was born in 1988. He studied at civil engineering department of technological institute of Piraeus. After completing his studies he practiced in distinguished construction companies where he occupied with building materials technology and construction supervision. Through his professional career he is specialized in concrete technology. He is certified in safety engineering, entrepreneurship and use of computers and design programs.


Bill Pappas

Bill Pappas was born in 1985. He graduated with a degree in Graphic design (B.A. Hons) at Midlesex University, UK. With more than 8 years of experience in design industry, he was specialized in branding, packaging and illustration. During his early years he worked on a wide range of companies as a visual designer as well as editorial designer. He offers contemporary and unique design solutions, delivering creative projects for some of the world’s most innovative partners and companies, while also pursuing his artistic endeavour. This approach goes beyond the traditional design boundaries as he explores the principles of art and design with a fresh and innovative perspective. His passion is to create projects that combine several artistic methods in order to provide a deep sense of aesthetics.


Aliona Gerasimova

Aliona Gerasimova was born in 1988. She graduated with a degree in Graphic design (B.A. Hons) at UCLAN University of Central Lancashire. After completing her studies she attended a series of specialized seminars on Illustration and Fine Arts. As a designer she is specialized in introducing art into various applications concerning with space visual communication. More specifically every single space is approached as a unique synthesis in which her artworks give an astonishing note of improvement. Through this procedure, art is totally incorporated within the visual communication of a project whether it is a hotel unit or a mass catering shop, whether it is a retail shop or a private house. Her design approach has a result to give a more special sense to a every single space creating an harmonious connection with its identity


Collaborate with us

Many of our clients have a long collaboration with us which is based on mutual trust and ambition.
Distinctive companies and professionals share with us the same passion and their targets giving us more inspiration to create!


Spatial design and branding

Through our design we fulfill our client's ambitions and expectations.
Every single project is a new scenario which includes our vision about the client's willing.


Design on demand

We undertake projects of three basic categories. Architeture, Interior Design and Branding.
From the smallest to the largest scale our philosophy is based on the same values giving unique
identity to every single project, reflecting our clients’ targets with our persistence to detail.


Publication of our projects

Some of our projects have been hosted in web magazines while others
are expected to be published on distinguised publication houses.


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